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The process wherein the color of the teeth is lightened is called as tooth whitening. There are several factors for teeth getting discolored. The main causes are stains of tea, tobacco, coffee, antibiotics etc. These can be removed by tooth whitening. People who have sensitive teeth should not use teeth whitening. People with sensitive teeth would have more troubles if they use teeth whitening solutions.

There are several tooth whitening treatments available:

1) Bleaching kits: Tooth bleaching solution is applied to the mouth tray and it is inserted into the mouth. After an hour or two or as mentioned in the kit the tray may be removed.

2) Laser tooth whitening: A solution is applied on the teeth. A wall made out of rubber is placed on the teeth and the laser is directed towards the teeth and the heat generated enters the teeth through the solution. A similar option are the snow whitening kits.

3) Whitening Toothpastes: These toothpastes have special chemicals to remove the stains.

4) Tooth whitening strips: These strips are placed on the teeth and are removed after some minutes.

Shiny white teeth can improve a person look more than other beauty systems and many times they are the main area that the makeover teams target on television shows. Whitening your teeth can help you look considerably younger. Tooth whitening is a method that can reduce the ravages of time.

The most basic method of tooth whitening is by brushing your teeth with tooth whitening toothpaste, and it will take time to reduce the discoloration of teeth that have been stained for many years. Is a cheap method of teeth whitening as the cost of tooth whitening toothpaste is only slightly higher than the standard toothpastes.

A more effective method of teeth whitening is achieved at the dentists where a mold will be taken of your teeth.

How To Select A Safe Teeth Whitening System

We have all seen the commercials, read the advertisements and wondered if it really works. Everyone wants to have a nice and white, sparkling smile. Some of the most well-known teeth whitening experts, who currently manufacture toothpaste, have released gel products, teeth whitening strips and even teeth molds that are believed to help in the fight against discoloration. Regardless, the most popular teeth whitening system has always been an afternoon in the dentist’s chair. Thankfully for many, especially those who fear the dentist, teeth whitening systems are now available for the independent do-it-yourselfer.

Teeth whitening products are designed for home use, but that doesn’t mean that they are not without risk. Anyone who has particularly sensitive gums or any type of lesion should consult their dentist prior to using any teeth whitening strip or gel product. Before using a teeth whitening product or system, individuals should consult their dentist to ensure that the use of these herbal supplements online will not worsen their condition or create a new problem.