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Maintaining good health of our arteries is something that is not always taken seriously enough. In fact, our biological age is determined by the functioning of our blood system, as our heart and our brain rely on a good blood supply to run regularly. Our quality of life, both physical, mental and emotional, are are our most valuable treasure and the proper cholesterol level is crucial to achieving this. In addition to all medical advice, and adequate nutrition, there are some supplements with natural properties that are highly recommended for lowering the bad cholesterol levels and raise the levels of good cholesterol.

Herbal cholesterol supplements will help reducing the bad cholesterol if you follow the recommendations for controlling this disease. These may include a good diet with whole cereals, fruits, vegetables, fish, and dairy products. Physical exercises, quit smoking, and no alcohol is also a must to keep arteries in good shape.

We need cholesterol in a proper level for the digestion of fats, hormones and cell walls creation, and other bodily processes. The bloodstream carries cholesterol to several body tissues to be used, stored and excreted. The problem is that the excess of this cholesterol can hurt arteries, leading to the accumulation of “plaques”, which is a condition called atherosclerosis.

When the circulation of the blood is poor the heart suffers, the heart muscle are privated of oxygen, causing chest pain (angina), and If a coronary artery is affected and totally blocked by atherosclerosis, a heart attack or death can occur. Heart disease is the number one cause of dead in the United States, and near of  90 million American adults, have high blood cholesterol levels.

Cholesterol is a substance that is present in all of the cells of our body, and mainly derives from our food intake, but is also produced directly by our liver.  An excess or a too low level of cholesterol in the blood, can often leads in to a heart attack or a stroke.


Lower cholesterol naturally with natural cholesterol herbs

There are two main types of cholesterol which are LDL cholesterol, and HDL cholesterol. LDL type, is regarded as the “bad” cholesterol, because it can build up on the artery walls impeding circulation and damaging the heart. HDL type is considered the “good” cholesterol, and filters out the LDL cholesterol from the arteries, helping the liver to excrete fats from the body.

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The main part of the cholesterol in our bodies is derived from the meals we eat. Foods high in saturated and trans fats, rise the levels of LDL cholesterol. Meat and dairy products are one of the principal sources of LDL type, while vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, and whole grains, are some good alternatives and they have good levels of HDL type. Genetics may play a role in some cholesterol issues, but adopting some good habits in our diet is the main factor to lower dangerous cholesterol levels, and minimize your risk of serious diseases.


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