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The Benefits of Exercise For Weight Loss



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Weight Loss And The Best Workouts


In other articles we have said that if there were a miracle pill, that would be that to provide us with the benefits of the physical exercise. In this case we talk about which are best suited workouts for people who want to lose weight, and especially for those persons that can not perform strenuous routines or exercises that can often be risky for blood pressure, or heart.

For many years the practitioners of physical exercises have argued that the best method to lose weight are the aerobic exercises, such as running, swimming, walking, dance, etc, and it seems that many people have had good experiences with these exercises, because  they can not only help you burn fat, but also improve the overall health.

However during the recent years, many experts have begun to recommend strength training, endurance, and strength workouts, as one of the best exercises to burn fat, build muscle, and get that well-formed body with which we all dream. Let's see what are the claims of the followers of these strength and endurance exercises to lose weight.

Some experts say that one of the effects of exercise with weights or resistance (including our body), is that the body continues to burn calories for several hours after the end of the workout. While the aerobic exercise only burns calories during the session, the weight training exercise prolong this effect up to 36 hours.

The resistance exercise helps the body to release human growth hormone and testosterone, which helps te body to burn fat. They claim that these exercises also release hormones that increase the well-being after exercise.

Another effect is the increase in muscle mass, which not only increases the basal metabolism. It is a great partner to perform our daily tasks especially in the elderly.

Actually this struggle between aerobic or resistance exercise to lose weight is not necessary, since in the serious gyms these two systems
are perfectly combined and can achieve a good balance.

Anyway the best exercise for you is the one that gratifies you and gives fun and joy. The other condition is to choose an exercise that you can keep for a long time.

Some specific herbal supplements  are indicated to increase our vitality, and are a very efficient method to restore the strengh.

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