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The Mediterranean Diet For Weight Loss




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The Mediterranean Diet


The Mediterranean diet can not be classified as a specific diet to lose weight , but it is an eating plan based on the intake of very few saturated fats. This is the reason because many nutritionists say that this type of diet can help to lose those extra kilos, without being limited by menus that often are very restricted in calories, and quite difficult to maintain for a long period of time. The beauty of this style of eating is that is suitable for  people of all ages, and it has not virtually  contraindications.

The Mediterranean folks have followed this diet for centuries, but was only around the fifties that this system began to draw the attention of the nutritionists doctors, due to the lower incidence in the populations of Greece, Italy, and Yugoslavia, of arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular troubles, and degenerative diseases. In addition, a longer life expectancy was detected.

This diet does not promise rapid weight loss , but the experts say that may cause a gradual, safe, and harmonious weight loss, without the risk of muscle loss, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies .
Another advantage of this so-called diet is that it can continue indefinitely, and is recommended as an alternative for those who need to lose weight, while achieving adequate levels of good cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular problems .

The Mediterranean diet advises eating the following foods:
- Fruits, vegetables, bread , rice, pasta , whole grains.
- Olive Oil . Olives . Dried Fruit . Seeds .
- Low-fat dairy .
- White Meat . Fish . Seafood.

As always an harmonious attitude toward food may be helpful . Diets can be maintained for some time, but the  adequate living habits last forever.

Some specific herbal supplements  are indicated to increase our vitality, and are a very efficient method to restore the strengh.







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