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The Dangers Of Smoking Cigarettes



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Why Smoking Cigarettes is Bad For You


With the amount of lives destroyed by the habit of smoking cigarettes,  it is incredible that all the time in the media, the internet, and in the newspapers,  we can read articles with advices about the harmful effects of the tobacco on the human health. It is more than proven by the science that this undesirable habit can develop cancer in various parts of the body, muscle pain, lack of physical strength and many more ailments.

It seems that in some countries the number of smokers is decreasing due to prevention campaigns and lack of advertising, but in others this rate rises to alarming levels.

Although known as an habit, smoking is a chronic, addictive disease that can cause disability. This addiction is the cause of diseases and the world's largest preventable cause of premature death. Only in Europe the amount of deaths per year due to smoking, far outweigh those that cause the traffic accidents and illegal drugs.

The cigarettes have an addictive ingredient called nicotine that has demonstrated effects on the central nervous system and creates addiction among smokers. In addition to nicotine, about 5,000 different chemicals in the tobacco smoke are known, so this fact alone should be enough to not to try a cigarette anymore.

The worst part is that "passive smoking" have the same risks of developing smoking-related illnesses for those who do not have the habit of smoking cigarettes. This has already led to some court rulings to protect the rights of some people whith cancer because they have worked for years in an office where people were smoking all the time.

The tobacco causes several types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, brain, respiratory and premature aging. It is amazing that this industry can still survive in a society with such sophisticated communication media like ours.

We are not prepared to inhale smoke of any kind. We do not hesitate to complain if some industry in our city emits pollutants into the atmosphere, but we go to the store to purchase our cigarettes as if nothing happened. Crazy.

Some specific herbal supplements  are indicated to quit smoking, and are a very efficient method to restore the strengh.

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