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Obesity and Male Enhancement


A correct weight has beneficial health effects, such as the control of hypertension, the achievement of good diabetes and cholesterol levels, a strong skeletal system, and the overcome of respiratory, and arterial disorders among many others. What often has not the enough publicity is that a healthy weight allows is of help for a more intense sexuality, and that obesity has limiting effects to achieve a full sexuality.

The first thing to realize is that sex, is an important physical and cardiovascular activity, and that when there is overweight a person cannot enjoy many sexual positions, nor have the enough physical strength to achieve a sexual climax and an intense and pleasurable orgasm. Of course after a certain age, sex and overweight involves certain risks to health.

Usually in men, the obesity and its consequences, determines certain episodes of erectile dysfunction, lack of desire, difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection, and some problems associated with self-esteem, worthlessness and sometimes depression. Often the abundant adipose tissue around the genitals, is the cause of problems with the penis manipulation not only by men but also by women. Obviously when this occurs, the sex is very limited and restricted to a few positions where the erection is often inadequate and is difficult to have an orgasm. What is also amazing is that sometimes men do not realize that a poor sexual performance has to do with being overweight.

Erection is a circulatory event, and all that prevents the circulation in the penile area, of course conspires to achieve and maintain an erection. Not only the excess of adipose tissue has a direct influence, but also the problems associated with obesity, such as diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension, add more problems to the original problem, until often the sexuality of the obese men directly collapses.

The good news is that with the development of nutrition and weight loss insurance systems, anyone can achieve a healthy weight, and achieve a more satisfying lifestyle. The physical exercise, combined  with professional nutritional counseling have proven to be very effective in treating erectile dysfunction caused by obesity.

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