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Male Enhancement And Premature Ejaculation




Premature ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunction that affects millions of men all over the world and can occur at any age. We have tested many theories to explain this anomaly, but so far there is no specific drug approved for the treatment of premature ejaculation. What we have so far, are based on some treatments for the nervous system, herbal supplements, and some specific exercises to strengthen the pelvic region and genital functions.

Basically premature ejaculation is a lack of adequate control over the ejaculatory reflex, which makes the male ejaculate soon. In severe cases the ejaculation occurs before the penetration, or in the first moments of intercourse. Several surveys and studies give different times to determine if a man is suffering from premature ejaculation but this is totally subjective. The truth is that each person knows his times and know when their sex is being pleasurable for them and their partners.

There are a number of physical causes of premature ejaculation, such as infections, hormonal disorders, neurological problems, and the side effects of some medications, but we leave these issues aside, as they matter of a medical consultation.

Among the psychological problems that can cause this problem, we can include stress, depression, false beliefs about sexuality, and lack of adequate information. A special paragraph deserves the adult websites selling porn. The human sexuality and emotions have nothing to do with these things. Besides acrobatic sexual positions we have other problems to solve during our life, and these false intercourse champions are merely fantasies sellers.

There are several types of exercises that were developed to invigorate the pelvic area and genitals, and that could also be useful for the effective control of ejaculation.

Finally, note that the internet is a place just to inform you, and if you have any problems with your sexuality you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Some specific Male Enhancement Products  are indicated to increase our sexual pleasure, and are a very efficient method to restore the sexuality strengh.







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