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Reducing The Belly Fat With Diet and Exercises


While women tend to accumulate fat around the hips, men of all ages tend to generate fat around the waist, or in the abdominal area. This kind of obesity may be the trigger of various health problems such us hypertension, heart problems, and diabetes. Another problem associated with abdominal fat is a deficit with the sexual performance because it can affect the blood circulation around the genital area. Sleeping aids are also another issue originated by the accumulation of fat in the abdomen (belly fat).

As we can see, a quick and effective action is a must to avoid these risks and enjoy a full life.

A good option to avoid this type of abdominal fat is trying to follow the so-called Mediterranean Diet. This method is not a weight loss diet, and is just the way used in the mediterranean countries during centuries to eat in a healthy manner. We can take advantage of this diet that proposes a low intake of saturated fats, and the daily intake of the following foods:

Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, bread, rice, pasta, whole grains.

Olive Oil. Olives. Dried Fruit. Seeds.

Low-fat dairy.

White Meat. Fish. Seafood.

The interesting thing about this eating style is that is possible to  adapt it to people of all ages and has no contraindications. You can continue with the mediterranean diet for life, and it ensures an adequate level of good cholesterol to prevent cardiovascular problems.

Among the best exercises to reduce belly fat can cite the following: Aerobic exercises such as running, swimming, walking, or biking are the best exercises to lose belly and reduce adiposity. With a frequency of 3 times a week, and taking care of the calorie intake we can achieve very good results.

Localized exercises are effective in increasing muscle mass, but they are also really effective to lose weight. The endurance and strength exercises are recommended as an effective way to lose weight and build muscles. The good effect is that the body continue burning fat after the exercise, beacuse the metabolic rate is increased.

As always a correct and harmonious attitude towards food can be a big help. Diets can be maintained for some time, but adequate living habits last forever.

Some specific herbal supplements and natural remedies  are indicated to increase our vitality, and are a very efficient method to restore the strengh.

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