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How Many Meals Per Day a Person Should Take to Lose Weight. 



One of the issues that for many years have been discussed by specialists in diet and nutrition, has to do with how many meals per day a person should take to lose weight or to maintain it. Generally, the different systems are related with the metabolic acceleration, fat burning and muscle mass building. Let's see what are the main systems.

For many years , we have heard that the best option to lose weight is to eat small amounts of meal six times a day, to speed up the metabolic rate, to increase muscle mass, and to reduce the body fat. Furthermore, it is argued that eating six times per day, is a very good manner to burn calories, since when we eat  our body needs to exoend energy to digest the food. Also the creators of this system say  that in this way the levels of good cholesterol are improved, and the insulin levels are regulated. They claim that the best way, is to eat at intervals between a half an hour and three hours maximum. This way of eating to build muscle mass is very common among the practitioners of bodybuilding, and often they go to extremes to get up at dawn for a bite to eat, to prevent the muscle mass loss.

This system of eating six times a day , has the disadvantage of being impractical for those with no fixed working hours, or having to move from one place to another. It can work very well for people who are at home, or working in offices. As we said above, is a very widespread method among the players of bodybuilding, as they have no trouble scheduling their lives to achieve their sporting goals .

This system of six meals a day, has some detractors, who claim that the metabolic body acceleration is achieved through the kind of food you eat, and not by the number of daily intakes. Most experts agree that this system helps to control the appetite, and avoid eating too large meals .

It also abound studies stating that eating 3 or four times a day has the same effect on the metabolic rate, and muscular mass building. Some fasting adepts also claim that when a person is deprived of food during a short time (24 hours), there are not evidence of muscle mass loss.

The whole nature have some similarities, and some animals eat only every few days and have no evidence of muscle mass loss.

These systems can never be universal. there are not two identical persons, and we all have appetite at  different hours. As always moderation and discipline are two irreplaceable values​​, not only for diet but to have a better life too.

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