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The Best Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

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The diets have their importance and a given time place to lose weight, but is generally quite difficult to maintain a diet during a long  time, because the stiffness in their methods make them impractical for most people. What we often do not realize, is that the little details and small efforts are what separates us of the ideal weight that we all of us desire.

These details often are linked with the kind of food that we eat between meals, ie the famous "snacks". If we choose them carefully and taking into account their caloric and nutritional components, these meals become an important ally to lose weight and maintain it.

Let us see which of those foods between meals can provide health and wellness, and more importantly help us to control our appetite.

Fresh Fruits
An invaluable source of nutrients and fiber, they also have a great satiating power. Especially apples and bananas are particularly suitable for controlling our appetite between meals. Fruit juices are also effective.
Dried Fruits
Walnuts, almonds, pistachios, peanuts and many others have a lot of nutrients, and are a great source of high quality protein. They also have satiation power, but you have to eat them carefully because they have lots of calories.
Raw Vegetables
The provide fiber and nutrients, and have very few calories. Raw carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and many others, have a great satiating power and heal us to control our appetite. Some people prefer vegetable juices, and they obtain the same results.
Vegetable soups
They are very effective if we take them before each meal. Vegetable spoups can control the appetite, and control the impulses that lead to overeating.
Dairy Products
A serving between meals of yogurt, cheese, skim milk, provide satiety, and the most importan thing, is that they consume a lot of calories for digestion and help you lose weight and mantain it.
Lean Meats
Lean meats provide high quality proteins, and are very effective to increase the metabolism rate. They have a great satiating power,  small servings between meals of ham, turkey, or pastrami, can help us to control the appetite and lose weight.
Whole Grains.
They have many nutritional properties, and some varieties like the whole oats has great satiating power. Since the whole grains are of  slow assimilation, the body spends time and calories for their digestion. 

Other Popular low calorie diets:
The South Beach Diet
This diet proposes a rapid decrease in weight between 3-6 kilos in the first 15 days, and consists of three phases. It is a low calorie diet, and to perform you will needed a good dose of willpower. 
The Lemonade Diet
This is a liquid diet and it consists in a daily intake of a mixture containing fresh lemon, natural water, organic maple syrup, and cayenne.

A moderate and controlled approach with food can be helpful. Diets can be maintained for a some time, but the adequate living habits will be always with us.



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Some specific herbal supplements and natural remedies  are indicated to increase our vitality, and are a very efficient method to restore the strengh.







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