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The Generalized Anxiety Disorder



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Chronic Stress and Anxiety Disorders


The modern life, the stress associated with the economic recession, and social pressures, are some of the causes that make that more and more people is suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, which can completely exhaust a person both physically and mentally. In a serious way the entire life is disturbed by this illness. Te body is affected, and the social, emotional, and sexual relationships, are changed in a negative way due continuous stress.
The main problem with persons who suffer from chronic stress is that they lose control of all their daily situations. These people are all the time overwhelmed by work conflicts, family enviroment, imaginary feelings, and this in a certain way leads to a nervous breakdown that often can be dangerous to the overall health. They are allways worried, even when there are no problems in their lives, and they are involved in mental battles for no apparent reason.

It is true that when people are facing extreme conflicts, such as illness, a family member loss, emotional conflicts, or a natural disaster, the anxiety and the stress are a logical and inevitable consequence. Moreover, psychologists find it as a natural defense of human beings to certain dangers and deep existential pain.

However, in many instances the stress is linked with an excessive expectation regarding our life, whishes, aspirations, and some daily challenges that we can not change.

The symptoms of generalized anxiety are many and include tremors, nervous spasms, profuse sweating, digestive problems, sleeping aids, chronic fatigue, head pain and more. Mentally these people are always thinking disasters, and a simple car trip can turn a beatiful day into a tragedy. They are also many times worried with money, health, family future, and all sort off imaginary worries.

It is a must to control chronic stress because life becomes intolerable. Some ancient disciplines such as hatha yoga or trascendental meditation  are good, but the real deal is to accept that our existence is quite unpredictable. Living day by day, is the only challenge that the our nervous system can afford, so the best thing to do is let the future in peace.

Some specific herbal supplements  are indicated to reduce stress, and are a very efficient method to restore our strengh.

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