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The Benefits of A Flat Stomach

A healthy weight and a flat stomach, are an aspiration of men and women of all ages anywhere in the world. However, there are several myths about the ways to achieve this goal , and many people think that the exercises that develop the abdominal area are all they need to achieve this goal. Of course this is not true, because what we really need to gave a flat stomach is a diet free in fats and sugars, and aerobic exercises.

Natural food, and certain habits such as respecting the timing of meals , proper chewing, and stress management, are an essential first step to have a flat and firm abdomen.

The natural fibers occupy a key place to look flat abs . Solubes fibers and insoluble fibers present in fruits , and vegetables, facilitate digestion and elimination.

Lean proteins are another group of important nutrients. Fat free meat, fish, and chicken, are those melas that give us a feeling of satiety, and spend a lot of calories to digest, thus helping usto maintain proper body weight.

Here are some of the food we need to achieve a flat abdomen.

Foods such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, oats, legumes.

Dried Fruits . Walnuts, almonds, peanuts.

Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

Lean meats.

Water, fruit juices, vegetable juices .

Reduce salt intake . Not only table salt, but also reduce the consumption of ham, sausages , sauces .

Reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption . If you can not totally eliminate at least try to limit the intake of wine, beer, or whisky only for a special day or party. Do not take alcohol as a daily habit.

Red meat, saturated fats, bakery products, sweets and chocolates, must be limited.

Aerobic exercises develop lung capacity and cardiovascular endurance. Walking, running, biking, are good options.

Hatha yoga, and tai chi, are also alternative therapies that harmonize and collaborate to achieve a more balanced life style that is reflected in our body and well being.


Some specific herbal supplements  are indicated to increase our vitality, and are a very efficient method to restore the strengh.

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