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The Mental Attitude and Diet Plans 


We all know that the diet and nutrition systems systematically emphasizes methods for treating the body, but rarely (if ever) they talk about the mental attitude linked with obese people. Based on the opinions of the diet and nutrition experts there are very few cases when a patient has a severe overweight due to organic causes, so in a large percentage of cases the causes of obesity must  be necessarily mental.

This industrial, informatic, and highly consumerist society in which we live, has lost with the years some virtues that were highly appreciated many years ago. The history of this planet is full of men who have built nations, professional carreers, and a wothwhile life, based on a strong will and self discipline, but for some reason our society has lost this essential value for the development of life .

It is also amazing how the willpower and self-discipline to achieve goals, is minimized by the so called experts in success. If you look closely you will see very few articles about this topic in newspapers and magazines, and often these values ​​are replaced with the "goodness" of the new diet, new pills, or the new dietary compounds. They try to sell all the time some kind of magic that can not last, but sooner or later fails because the wrong mental attitude.

Have you ever wondered why there are more obese people every day in all countries worldwide?. Clearly the cause is not the food on offer. During all the history the people with purchasing power have had at hand a variety of food, but they did not have the amount of overweight that we have today.

All the people who have overcome overweight, invariably say that everything is due to a change in their mentality, and a new discipline with the daily habits, a healthy eating, the proper exercise, and a strong positive mental attitude. In short a new life based on self-discipline and self-control. The question is then, what we need to do to incorporate again these mental virtues in our life again.

We are what we think, and we build our habits based on what we think. The answer then, is to reprogram our mental habits, through an intelligent effort of will. We all know that when something becomes a habit, it is performed automatically, and the good ones can fill our lives with fulfillment and wellbeing. Then a path to follow, is working daily on building self-discipline and self-control. Once these two virtues are incorporated into our mind everything will be much easier, and food will not have the power over us that sometimes seem to have.

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