Counting The Calories To Lose Weight



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Counting The Calories To Lose Weight

Although we may find a lot of information about how the science is permanently researching about the link between foods and weight loss, it appears that the only proven system is to know how many calories we can eat in a given day to lose fat or to maintain a reasonable weight.

First we need to know what a calorie is. A calorie is a unit of energy used to determine the amount of energy of a given food, and of course all meals contain calories. A calorie is known as the quantity of heat energy necessary to raise a centigrade the temperature of one gram of water.

It is hard for an average person with a busy working day, to calculate all the calories consumed in a given the day, but there are some methods to obtain an estimate. There's a very easy system, which is to stick with the nutritional advices to avoid the bad
cholesterol and high blood pressure. By following this diet we can maintain our good health, and we can reach a proper weight naturally. Lean meats, low fat dairy products, fruits, and vegetables, have much less calories than the meals plenty of bad cholesterol and dangerous fats.

Another interesting question is to know how many calories do we need on a daily basis to keep our body shape, and how many calories we can spend exercising ourselves without falling in exhaustion. We have at our disposal some tables that taking in consideration the age and sex of a person, will assist us in determine the amount of food and calories per day that you can eat without adding undesirable weight. The down side is that these indicators are very general, and do not incorporate the particularities of each individual. These systems are useful to calculate how many calories do we expend during a specific physical exercise, but this is very different for each person.

The real key is to feel good with the quantity of food we eat, and the exercise we perform. Each person has a different metabolism, and his natural rhythm is the best indicator to know the needed foods stay healthy, and with the proper weight.

Another natural way to burn fat and calories is to speed up the metabolism rate. When our basal metabolism is working in a right manner, this is a big allied that facilitates the weight loss process. The fastest way to achieve this target is to eat more proteins, take breakfast, and to take some specific
herbal supplements. Try also to practice the sort  of exercises, that are indicated to increase the muscle mass, because the muscle fiber is a natural fat burn. This is a very efficient method to keep our body shape, while eating natural food.




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