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Bodybuilding and Lifestyle

A shape and nice body is a natural wish of all people, and in some way we try to keep the best physical conditions, eating a quality diet, through sports, or doing yoga, tai chi, martial arts, and many others.

People often tend to link the bodybuilding with those fantastic bodies that we can see in some TV ads, or bodybuilding championships, but this is only an illusion. We need to know that these bodies are specially prepared to compete in a certain tournament, and they last a short time. It takes specific meals and routines to achieve those results. Then it is near to impossible for a normal person to get that kind of physical shape. This is the reason because some people are disappointed with the movie stars when they see them in an average day.

If we want to enjoy our bodybuilding we should have self esteem and harmony in our lives, avoiding all kind of excesses. We can improve our bodies, but always bearing in mind that our proportions are unchangeable. Many unscrupulous trainers claim that they can change the whole body but that is not true.

What is vigorexia?. This problem is a distortion of the body s proportions, and the person is never happy with his efforts. For that reason they always have a sense of lack, and the efforts are many time to the point of exhaustion. These people always suffer a crisis, since the effort is out of the human body capabilities, and they need many times psychological help.

During the mature age we must take care if we want to succeed with bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is fantastic to re build the muscle mass, restore the metabolism rate, and reduce the undesirable fat. This is more than enough for seniors, and this is a nice discipline to try.

Self-acceptance and harmonious conditions are the golden key for a healthy body, and a nice lifestyle

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