The Benefits of Moderate Exercise and Bicycle



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The Benefits of Using the Bicycle

The benefits of moderate exercise are so obvious that is difficult to understand how many people, especially in the richer countries, do not have the enough weekly exercise and consequently suffer all the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle .

Circulatory System Functions
Several studies show that cardiovascular diseases are among the most common risk factors, and one of the main cause of death in developed countries . The practice of cycling reduces bad cholesterol and the risk of stroke. Blood vessels are fortified, relaxed , and therefore reduces the risk of calcification of the arteries .

Prevent Back Pain
The bicycle exercise strengthens the back muscles as well as the muscles that protect the dorsal vertebrae . By strengthening the muscles of the legs, improves posture and therefore prevents spinal problems .

Protect Joints
The pedal has no risk of impact on the joints, and many people who have
trouble walking or running can enjoy this exercise

Improves Muscle Mass
Not only improves the muscles, but it provides a sense of wellbeing and vitality.

Reduce Blood Pressure
Because of its beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of hypertension

Improves Lung Capacity
Bicycle exercise is a significant aerobic workout, and therefore greatly improves lung capacity.

Reduces Body Weight
Pedaling is a significant caloric expenditure , thus contributing significantly to reduce and control our body weight .

Mood Improves
Like any well-crafted exercise , cycling is a source of physical and mental wellbeing . Ideal if you can perform outdoors.

To optimize the performance of the bike , it is always appropriate to follow some basic tips .
Reduce salt intake. Not only table salt, but also reduce the consumption of ham, sausages, sauces.
Reduce or eliminate the alcohol consumption. At least try to limit drinks only at a meeting or special occasion. Do not make alcohol intake an everyday habit .
Consume fiber daily, grains, raw vegetables and fruits. Reduce consumption of red meat, saturated fats, bakery products, sweets, and chocolates

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